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Caversham Park Primary School

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We follow a bespoke curriculum written for Caversham Park Primary School that is based on the National Curriculum for Science. It uses the statements from the National CurriculumC to form learning intentions alongside the PLAN assessment materials to ensure clear progression in both knowledge and working scientifically skills across the key stages.


We use Explorify,, Nicky Waller’s Creative Approach to Science and Active Assessment in Science from Fulton publishing to support lesson ideas and for resources alongside the curriculum document overviews. Lessons should start with a picture/object/short clip to engage pupils in scientific reasoning and discussion. Wherever possible children should be encouraged to ask questions and predict before practical lessons. KS2 are expected to justify their predictions based on their prior scientific learning and Science capital.


Children have the opportunity to experience all five enquiry types across the year in accordance with the key questions stated in their overviews.  Each phase should endeavour to organise at least one Science related enrichment activity each year, whether that is a visitor to the school or a trip (in addition to British Science week.)


Our Science Subject Leader is Miss McCabe.