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Medical and Medicines

Medical and Medicines


We are prepared to administer prescribed medicines to children at break or lunch times, although we must be happy that the child is fit to be in school.  Please bring the medicine to the school office in a named contained or bottle when you will be asked to fill out a form of authority.  Forms for Reception children should be filled out in their class.


We regret we are unable to give any medication to your child if such a form has not been filled out, nor are we able to fetch a child from class when it is time for their medicine – they will need to be sent to the office by their class teacher.

We keep a register of all those children who have asthma and who may require the use on an inhaler.  Children in Key Stage 2 are responsible for their own inhalers, whilst those for children in Key  Stage 1 are kept in the school office.  Inhalers for Reception Class children are stored in their classroom. 

Pupil Absence

If your child is absent through illness or some other circumstance, please ring school on the first day of any such absence and we will let their class teacher know.  It is not necessary to ring on a second day of absence.  If we do not receive a note or a verbal explanation, the absence will be marked as unauthorised.