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More Able & Talented

All learners in Caversham Park Primary School are provided with a range of opportunities to develop their gifts and talents. Striving for and achieving excellence is enabled and celebrated.

At Caversham Park Primary School we believe that every learner has an equal opportunity to participate in enriching and experiences that allow the more able and talented to be discovered and further developed.

We aim to provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all pupils, and where individual potential can be realised. We believe that those pupils identified as more able or talented should be given the opportunity to work at higher cognitive levels, or to develop specific talents or abilities.

At Caversham Park Primary School, we work to ensure a positive environment for all pupils. We value and recognise achievement in all areas equally. Outstanding work in academic areas is given the same degree of reward as outstanding performance in music, sport, drama, etc.