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Team Points & Awards

At Caversham Park Primary School, the children are divided into three different colour teams (blue, green and red) and they are awarded team points for good behaviour and for effort/attainment in their work.  The colour team achieving the highest number of team points at the end of the academic year is awarded a trophy, decorated with ribbons of the team’s colours, in the final assembly of that school year.


Children also receive individual certificates as a reward for achieving certain numbers of team points.  These are as follows:


                        Bronze                         25 team points

                        Silver                          50 team points

                        Gold                            100 team points

                        Diamond                       150 team points


These certificates are awarded in Celebration Assemblies, which take place on most Friday mornings.  At these assemblies the children also receive certificates and badges for specific merits of good effort, work or behaviour.  A child in each class each week is also awarded a certificate for being the “Star of the Week”.

In addition to individual awards, certificates are presented to classes for being "Class of the Week" and for the highest level of attendance.

We also encourage children to bring into school certificates, medals and other awards that they receive from clubs and activities that they take part in out of school, so that these can be shared in our Celebration Assemblies.